From start to end, DUI process involves 6 major steps:

1. Arrest. Most of the DUI arrests start with either an accident, or being pulled over. From a legal viewpoint, two vital things occur during the arrest stage: first, you are likely given chemical test and second, your license will be taken and a temporary license will be given instead for 30 days.

2. Hiring a DUI lawyer. You aren’t required by the law to hire an attorney. Based on your income, a lawyer will be assigned for free. The public defenders are capable, but overworked and can’t spend much time for your case. So, it is to your benefit to hire our DUI defense attorney. The sooner you hire us, the bigger the differences we’ll make for your DUI case. 

3. “Administrative Suspension” and Hearing.  From the day of arrest, you’ve 10 days only to file a case for hearing with DMV. This hearing is the only chance available to stop administrative suspension of license. If you hire us, your attorney will represent you in the hearing. This improves your odds substantially.

4. Arraignment. It’s the very first hearing of the case. It is the first time when our lawyer and prosecution will stand before a judge to present their cases. It’s a court meet, not trial, and there’s no jury.

5. Pre-Trial. It’s where lots of DUI cases are solved—without going to trial. This phase is where our Dui Attorneys has strongest bargaining power every cards is on the table, so they can demand great deal for you. 

6. Trial. At times our attorney will advise going to trial. It may be right if prosecution refuses to good deal or if the case is weak. We will work to convince jury that a doubt is there about what actually happened and acquit you ideally.