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My friend got arrested in a DUI case and I got to the court to support him. His attorney from this firm seemed to be extremely experienced and enthusiastic on her behalf. Frankly, I did not thought that he had a chance, but his lawyer really pulled out a big gun and secured him a victory. Great lawyer!

1. Den Gomez

I did not feel as if I was impaired after I was arrested in a DUI case. There are many DUI lawyers out there, but I did not know whom to trust. So, I interviewed some, but their interest did not seem to line up with mine. This was until I came across this law firm. They felt like my old friend giving me brutally honest advices in a compassionate way. I actually felt like I’d a real advocate to help me

2. Gargi Shaw

I am forever thankful to this law firm for help me from being in the jail to keeping my driving license. I thought that my life was finished when I got arrested for this DUI case. All of it looked so strange to me. I got so confused and also had lots of questions. The lawyer from this firm was capable to answer all compassionately and honestly. Thankfully, this team did a good job.

3. Samuel Reyes